Text 30 Nov Daughter’s Birthday

My daughter just turned thirteen. Needless to say, she’s suddenly gotten into everything girly, including make up, hair accessories and jewelry. We were all surprised at this sudden interest, since she had been a tomboy all her life.

Her first passion will always be sports; volleyball, softball, soccer…she’s played them all. She always wanted to play football and was adamant for quite some time that she would. She loves going to watch football games with her dad. It’s kind of designated as “their time”. Her birthday was coming up and her father and I wanted to get her something special; something that could somehow merge both worlds. We found the perfect gifts on sooner planet.

First, we looked through their collection of Oklahoma jewelry. We ended up picking out a necklace with just the right amount of girly flair, but it still featured the Oklahoma logo just as bold as ever, in the same classic font. It’s a high fashion piece of jewelry, made from die cast pewter with a rhodium overlay, set with genuine Swarovski crystals. It comes with an 18” sterling chain and a black window box, so I know she’ll keep it safe. Next on our list was a watch. She’s a busy girl, with so many extracurricular activities, that we’ve decided it’s time she have one to maintain a more organized life. Out of all the university of Oklahoma watches, we picked this one. There were many choices, some certainly less feminine, but she’s been so fond of pink lately that we couldn’t resist this one. This watch combines the versatility of a jewelry inspired bracelet and the functionality of a collegiate watch. It’s got a beautiful, gleaming stainless steal finish that we’re sure will get a dazzle out of her eyes. We think we’ve got some real winning presents this year thanks to sooner planet! We will definitely be back in the future!

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